Sunday, January 3, 2016


With each release of new details from state GOP headquarters about the Rand Paul caucus in March, the folly and stupidity of that decision becomes clearer and clearer.

Parties are supposed to be based on principles, which if not eternal are at least supposed to last a while...not a person, whose lifespan is finite. Yet the 2016 caucus is strictly and solely to help Sen. Paul’s flagging presidential campaign.

But now, it turns out, the party doesn’t even have enough caucus sites to let all party members vote in their home counties. (Another argument to consolidate our counties, but…) At last report, there are no sites in 9 counties. People, we are not electing a dogcatcher here, it’s eventually the President of the United States.  But the Kentucky GOP can’t find places for all its members to vote?  Meadow Muffins!

Were I the ACLU (or maybe even a former Kentucky Democrat who has changed registration) I’d sue. This is a denial of freedom, of the right to vote.

And in other counties, we have all of four caucus sites. Does anyone truly believe that’s enough for Fayette or Jefferson counties?  On election day, Fayette has about 200 precincts to elect constables, so four should do nicely---for President.

If Sen. Paul (and Kentucky Republicans) truly believe in  “one person, one vote” or the rule of law, they would end this farce.  Maybe it takes the good senator’s difficult but necessary decision  to drop out of the race...then we could go back to sanity...and he would have made a true contribution to American democracy.

Time flies, Sen. Paul..and History awaits.

I'm just sayin'...