Monday, November 15, 2010

We're number, uh, three!

And that's no compliment, because Kentucky is third among all states in providing guns used in crimes in other states. Why? A report to a group of mayors says its because we have few laws controlling guns.

Now, before the NRA gets het up, there are all sorts of laws here, from very minor to very stringent. We don't have any of the ten possible laws examined in the report; not even a law that provides a penalty for someone who buys a gun for someone else who can't buy one legally; such as an underage person, a felon, or mentally impaired. (Have we forgotten the massacre at Virginia Tech?)

So while a 12 year old or a felon can't buy an AK47, there is nothing to stop someone else for doing it for them. That's a pretty obvious law we ought to have, if nothing else. But three members of the General Assembly think that's too much; they even want Kentucky exempt from all federal gun laws--which is undoubtedly unconstitutional and has been held so in the one case that has come to a court test so far. Yet that approach has been passed by eight states, including Tennessee. It hasn't gotten out of committee in Frankfort so far, but they plan to try again next year.

Why is it not possible to pass some minimal, sane laws (such as the one suggested above) without everyone hitting the panic button, shouting Second Amendment, or NRA Forever???

I own a gun; I believe in the people's right to bear arms, but there are limits. We haven't been able to buy or use machine guns for years. No one, not even the NRA seems to object to that, yet AK47s may well be the new Tommy Gun, and our laws need to be updated.

If we don't, then Kentucky has no kick-back when other states ship in weapons used to kill our citizens; just as we, unfortunately, are doing that to so many in other states right now.

As the report points out, many people believe that more guns lead to less crime, but actually, in Kentucky's case, the absence of some laws regulating guns leads to more trafficking in guns, and more crime; not less.

This is something I don't want my state to be number one in, or even number three.

I'm Just Sayin...


I am indebted to the Courier-Journal for bringing this recent report to my attention. If you want to read about these crime guns go to:

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