Monday, December 20, 2010

How about a little justice, Judge?

I do not believe in the death penalty..not even for an horrendous criminal, such as Cecil New..but that is not my subject today.

New pled guilty in Louisville to the kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder of a 4 year old boy. Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman sentenced him to life in prison, calling it even harsher than the death penalty..and issuing a thinly disguised belief, if not an outright challenge, for "prison justice" to do what she decided not to do.

As reported by the Courier-Journal, Judge McDonald-Burkman said.."He will fear for his life every day"...surrounded by "bigger, meaner men who have nothing to lose." And, she added.."Living outside of death row, in general prison population, in fear of prison justice every day is a hell more suited to you, Mr. New, than living under the protective guise of death row."

Of course, "prison" justice is not justice..and the state corrections commissioner got the judge's drift, issuing a statement that the department "in no way condones any type of inmate retaliation or vigilante justice."

But that is exactly what I suspect we will soon get..those "bigger, meaner men" don't like other men who prey on little boys. So stand by for New's murder in prison, with the likelihood no one will ever be convicted of his murder, plus extra expenses to taxpayers from this judge's extraordinary comments.

New's life term is justice for the little boy he killed, but in suggesting, maybe even urging "prison justice" for him makes a mockery of our judicial system. If New is killed in prison, can this judge be charged with being an accessory before the fact???

I'm just sayin'.....

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