Monday, March 7, 2011

I do not like the Supreme Court.

I do not like the Supreme Court.

I think it's an elitist, arrogant, undemocratic organization, where one vote of UNelected people can overturn all that has been done through the democratic processes of the peoples' elected representatives.

Its self-assumed power to declare laws unconstitutional is not in the Constitution, nor am I aware of any definitive discussion of such a grant in the Federalists Papers. Why would the Founding Fathers overlook something so important?

Why did it take so many years for the Court to declare it had such a right..and even more years after that first assertion before it used that power again? Something smelleth here. Can you spell p-o-l-i-t-i-c-s?

It's a situation that allowed the court to issue the Dred Scott decision, which declared certain people--black people--weren't people at all, but property. And the separate but equal school decision. And that it was OK to take native born American citizens, and intern them without trial, seizing their property in the World War Two version of "enemy combatants!"

Yes, there is a logic behind the idea that some agency should be able to say if new laws square with our fundamental law...but that doesn't just mean the unelected Supreme Court should have the final say. What about an extraordinary vote of Congress? And that's just one idea.

All of this said---the system we have now lets the Supreme Court have the final say and last week, in an unusual 8-1 vote, it came down hard in a painful case. It upheld the right of some UNChristian people, who masquerade as a church in Topeka, to picket and interrupt a family at the saddest of times...when it was burying a son or daughter killed in war. And to loudly proclaim the most illogical of claims that God hated that person, wished him dead...all because parts of America disagreed with the church's tenets on major social matters.

I wasn't sure the court would be that smart, but it was. It reaffirmed what the First Amendment is all about, and we needed to be reminded that yes, this "church's" stupid, illogical, hateful, unGodly speech" is so protected. That's one of the great things about our Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights.

So, though I don't like the institution of the Supreme Court, my hat's off to those eight members for their gutsy, important, and truly American decision.

(By the way, if we weren't involved in a war in Iraq...and shouldn't be involved in a second, propping up one more corrupt government in Afghanistan, we wouldn't have to bury our youth and give these people the opportunity to seek publicity for their unrighteous cause.)

I'm just sayin'...

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