Sunday, June 19, 2011


State police reported earlier this year that Kentucky had set a new record in 2010 for the most meth labs founded by police; 1080, up from 741 in 2009.

That's a huge jump, and no one believes this is more than a fraction of the illegal labs that abound. Technology is, unfortunately, on the side of the lawbreakers because making the illegal drug has gotten easier and easier.

Things I don't understand, but police do, support this. A one bottle lab to make meth (literally one of those 2 liter pop bottles will do)...meth labs have been found in backseats of cars, the cops have seen meth being made as the car rolls down the road, even while stopped at a traffic light. Recently, a gas station clerk became suspicious because people were in his restroom too long. On investigating he found they had stopped in to make meth, out of sight, during a short restroom break. It's apparently that simple.

Yet the legislature did not take the steps police urged upon them: to require prescriptions or some more record keeping of the simple ingredients need to make it. Store owners, some doctors, business groups opposed this "inconvenience."

Hey, I get colds and sniffles too. I occasionally need those ingredients. I am willing to put up with the proposed "inconveniences" if it will help law enforcement do a better job of shutting down the "cookers." Surely we can figure out some way to inconvenience the meth makers a lot, and those of us with stuffy noses the least; surely.

If not, wait til you see the KSP meth lab figures next year.

I'm just sayin'...

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