Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Silly Season Has Begun

The Silly Season Has Begun!

And by that I mean the political commercials are upon us.

What's a poor voter to do with all these claims, some directly contradicting each other? Thank goodness for the newspapers, (Courier Journal and Herald Leader), for their analysis of many of them. That really helps. (I am really unhappy that my broadcast brethren who rake in so much of the campaign coin almost never do such an analytical job; they really should).

Am I the only one who sees the irony in a spot a GOP surrogate is running against Governor Beshear? The sponsor is the Bluegrass Prosperity Association, or some such, with an address in Washington, DC!

And there's a spot run by "Kentucky Family Values" (ho boy!) running down David Williams as a "big spender!" David Williams is many things I don't like, but big spender he is not.

And this spot makes an unfortunate reference in running down Williams. It says in recent years Kentucky has run up a six-billion dollar debt. I am not sure what this refers to, as I think the law requires a balanced state budget, but whatever the reference, that sounds like GOP propaganda in a supposedly Democratic commercial. That's a mistake.

(And speaking of mistakes..I wrote last week in praise of the Olli program at UK, saying Mr. Osher, who funds the program, was a Scandinavian millionaire. Nope, he's an American millionaire with a Scandinavian wife.)

As for the silly season..suck it up. We've many more weeks..and then the national silly season will soon follow.

I'm just sayin'...

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