Monday, September 19, 2011


America needs jobs. People need to work; for themselves, their families, their future, as well as the nation's future.

Creating jobs has long been a responsibility of government, shared with private business. One of the main areas where governments need to create jobs is what we call "infrastructure": roads, sewers, water lines, etc., but especially the highway system, which has major security connotations as well.

For years, government at all levels has been sloughing off major repairs to roads and water lines, and the chickens, (actually vultures), are coming home to roost. Committees of engineers, economists, private and public agencies and officials have been telling us that for decades, yes, decades. And now it is going to cost us more.

But it needs to be done. It must be done.

Not just the Sherman Minton bridge, or the Brent Spence bridge but the roads that connect them; and a modern rail system for America---way overdue..and new schools and new waterlines and so on.

The estimate just to repair all "structurally deficient" bridges alone is not that much more than the estimate for the next year of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Guess where we ought to get the money..not to mention saving a lot of lives? (No tax hike involved here!)

Putting people to work is good politics...the best of politics and is, or should be, nonpartisan politics.

If Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, and the House and Senate leadership can't see this "no brainer" then let's hope they will be the ones called home in 2012.

I'm just sayin'...

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