Monday, October 3, 2011

Your Credit Card And Mine

I changed banks awhile back, and I'm about to change credit cards because I am unhappy with the bank that issued it--for reasons of its greed and social policy.

You don't know what a wrench this is for me. I hate change in many ways, and am happy in my regular routine, but...

About a decade ago, my employer changed the bank my payroll checks were deposited in, and I inherited a new bank. Good people there, but I also kept my previous employee account in the original bank.

Last spring both banks informed me they would be adding new fees, some of which I felt were exorbitant; especially given bank profits, high executive salaries, and--as a taxpayer--I had already contributed considerable "fees" in bailing them out. I consulted with both staffs, both very helpful, and ended by not just picking the bank with the smaller fees, but also a "local" bank--my newer bank having been sold since I inherited it to an even larger, far away bank.

Now I am reviewing one of my bank issued credit cards. Since I started with it over a decade ago, it has been sold several times and is now part of Bank of America. Its service has been good; I have no problem with that. But recently BA announced it would lay off 30,000 workers...30,000! In these times that is not what a responsible bank should do, exacerbate the economy. Nor am I persuaded, with bank industry profits and those top executive salaries and bonuses, that this is what it should do.

Now BA is going to charge for purchases with its debit card. Hey, first you give them your money, which they invest and make a profit, and now they're going to charge you to give you your money back? Come on! (Another reason among many I have never used and would not recommend you use a debit card.)

So I am determined to change. I have a new bank all but picked out, with better features for the same credit card. And if they screw up, as BA has, I may change again.

This is my personal role in letting Wall Street know I, and I suspect a lot of Americans, have had it up to here (well above my wallet) with their brazen ways. I may not physically "Occupy Wall Street", but my heart is with those protestors..and now my meager bank account is also.

I'm just sayin'...

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