Monday, May 28, 2012


No one can doubt Kentucky's patriotism. Look at the turnout recently in Mt. Sterling for the funeral of a young man killed in Afghanistan.  People swelled that small town; they came from all over to pay their respects.
And that's typical of people and places all over our state.
Speaking of turnout, how's 14%?--the number of voters who voted in our primary..a ballot that not only contained local races, but those for Congress--which makes our laws--and, by the way, President--the Commander-in-Chief, who can, and has sent Kentucky's young men and women into war, and death, in far off places--sometimes on very bad evidence.
It's not very patriotic to shirk your citizen's duty to vote..and especially when Washington (and Frankfort) are receiving an increasing share of criticism for being out of touch with "Main Street", favoring Wall Street instead.
How can this be changed with a 14% turnout?  It can't--and, in my view, it's downright UN-patriotic not to vote.
Some think voting is "too difficult."  Meadow muffins! Surely between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., most citizens can find the time to vote. Many employers allow time off to do so.  Maybe a few hours should be tacked on in the evening to do so. We ought to study how this has worked elsewhere.
But the idea of internet voting is for the birds. It is NOT safe. Voting machines in other states using the web have been hacked. And do you really think that a 21 year old Texan, with more money than brains, gives a rat's #$%  about an honest vote? He--and others like him--would happily spend their millions to crack internet voting and get their candidate elected.
More time for absentee voting? A bad idea--because when you vote early (and I realize some people must) you miss important debates and issues and final arguments of the candidates. Too early voting is ignorant voting.
So it comes down to's patriotic to vote, and its downright UN-patriotic not to!
It's as simple as that. Let's be more patriotic this November. 
Uncle Sam is calling every one of you..into the voting booth. Not much of a sacrifice, compared to our fellow Kentuckians who have given their all so we might take five minutes to be the good citizens deep down we truly know we are.
I'm just sayin'...

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