Sunday, September 23, 2012

BOOBS ON THE TUBE (and other media errors of the last week)

The first print version I saw of this story said Kate had been caught sunbathing at a chateau belonging to the Queen in northern France. Wrong.
The chateau was in southern France, and was owned by a relative of the Queen (and she has many).
CBS mis-spelled the name of the chateau.
ABC said the pix were taken from a mile away by a woman photog. By week's end, NBC said it was a half-mile away and by a male.
BTW, wherever and whoever was shooting, these were small potatoes. Anyone who has seen the Duchess knows that. It is her smile that lights up the Palace, any chateau, and our world.  Fortunately, I am a "smile man", too.
Meanwhile back at home, our local media had its hands full with other errors. One sportscaster reported.."he was DRUG out of bounds at the nine."  Another reminded us a Cincy team manager had "an IL-regular heart beat."
Our media, as usual,  went overboard on Big Blue Madness, tho it is a great feature. But they never told me WHO is "Stone Cold Willow" and why did he get to go one-on-one with Nerlens? This story needed backgrounding. In another game played for the benefit of the 600 tenters camping out for free tickets, the 9 foot Nerlens stumbled over a 2 foot tall kid in making a shot. One channel asked "Hope the big guy wasn't hurt?" I was wondering if the little tyke was injured. No report on that.
My fave Lexington morning paper keeps reporting that something "has gone viral" and tho I have e-mailed them for a definition of that phrase..which they won't send it to appears that if it's on YouTube it's gone viral." Meadow muffins. There ought to be a minimum number of hits, maybe a million, before that phrase could accurately be used.  Not all entries ring up such a score. The media should be more specific.
Speaking of errors, bless my fave Lexington morning rag for pointing out the errors in those TV political ads. Wish our local TV stations would do the same.
I'm just sayin'...

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