Monday, October 22, 2012

A Truly Simple Idea

"One person, one vote."

You and I should elect the President...but we don't-- due to that old Electoral College, a relic of the Constitution that even Jefferson  disparaged. Four times in our history the person who won the popular vote was NOT elected President, due to that "College";  the last time being our famous "hanging chad" year of 2000.

What to do?

Get rid of the college and insist that one Kentucky vote is worth one Ohio vote, no more, but no less.

Easier said than done. There's lots of rationale, mainly by lawyers, who say the use of the popular vote will produce multiple lawsuits---as if the present plan hasn't!  But if we truly believe in a representative democracy, we need to start the ball rolling to amend the Constitution...and Kentucky can play a role.

CBS Sunday Morning, the best news program on the air, reported on the "Maryland Plan", whereby states, by agreement, no amendment, would cast their electoral votes for the candidate who does get the most votes. The plan would go into effect when enough states sign up whose electoral votes equal 270, the number it takes to win. They are halfway there... and I would hope Kentucky's legislature would pass the enabling resolution needed in the next session. The latest poll shows 62% favor ending the College, including a majority in both parties.

Meanwhile, to learn more about our "Electoral Dysfunction" see the PBS program of that title, which KET, assisting the public's education, will air this Friday at 3am! (Thanks, KET.) Set your timers.

But do urge your local Kentucky representative to pass the Maryland plan. Only the future of the Republic rides on it.

For, as the Capitol Steps reminded us Sunday night (in a wonderful program brought to us  by WUKY-FM).."Don't blame us, you elected them!" 

If only we did.

I'm just sayin'...

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