Monday, November 5, 2012


My blog last week reported that Judge Will Scott was smearing his opponent in a state supreme court race, charging Judge Janet Stumbo was "soft on crime" when there were many reasons she could have ruled the way she did.

And I reported both had signed an agreement to keep the race civil, but there was probably no sanctions if either didn't.

My blog was hardly out when the Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee issued a news release saying both candidates had violated their agreement---Scott for false and misleading TV and newspaper ads, and Stumbo for a misleading radio ad.  Stumbo said she had stopped running the ad; Scott is still running his TV smears.

The committee is an independent, non partisan group of 16 interested citizens of both parties from all over the state. It has no powers to fine or sanction, only to point out to the public when pledges are violated, and to encourage judicial candidates to campaign with integrity.

Statehouse Democrats are running TV ads that are the absolute essence of "smear tactics" and similar to Judge Scott's. The ads oppose GOP candidates for the House, saying they opposed the "pill mill bill", so of course they must "support pushers!"

There are many reasons people oppose legislation. I have covered legislatures in six states over 20 years and have often seen motions to adjourn be controversial. I support House Bill 1, but I can understand several arguments against it..not one of which includes supporting drug pushers.

House Democrats should be ashamed.

This week all those ads will end; you voters get to end them 

 By the way, the US is not #1 but 138 out of 172 countries in voter turnout.  Please do your part to get us a higher ranking.

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