Monday, April 15, 2013



is NOT the "bugging" (which wasn't bugging) of Sen. McConnell's headquarters in Louisville by a couple of inept Kentucky "liberals"..though that is what Mitch has tried to make the main issue..but, instead,  the content of that  meeting.

We learned (1) candidates do "opponents research", not surprising and legal IF done by staffers on their own time and NOT in public facilities--which the senator's office is. This could be a law violation, which is why the Senator doesn't want to talk about it.

(2) Among the "whack-a-mole" items discussed (a laundry list of items so that if a new candidate pops up, you hit them with the "op research.")  Included here was Ashley Judd's well known (because she disclosed it in her own book) bouts with depression. Much laughter from those attending as to how her serious, distressing problem could be used against her.  Mental health advocates and all you citizens whose family members have suffered depression take note: does our senior senator really see this condition as (a) humorous and (b) something to be used to destroy the unfortunate individual who suffered from it?

(3) While Kentucky law permits one party to a conversation to tape it, legally, some news stories indicated Kentucky has a law against eavesdropping!  Shirley you jest! How can such a law be enforced, even if it can be interpreted honestly..and why?

(4) Many of my news media colleagues fell right into the Senator's spin by  (a) focusing on the alleged "bugging", which later turned out to be wrong, instead of the content of the meeting, and (b) allowing the senator to assume it must be "liberals" doing the dastardly deed..(which turned out to be right, after several days investigation, during which time many of us wondered if the culprits just might not be Tea Party members of the GOP who have stated their opposition to McConnell.)  Another jumping to conclusions, prodded vigorously to do so by Mitch, which the media ate it up without enough skeptical questions, so far as I can tell,  in the early days of this "scandal."

Of course this is the modern version of character assassination, which has kept good people from running for years (and we wonder why office holders rate so low in surveys!)
Later it was revealed GOP officials have already secured 5,000 (!) pages of public documents, including Kentucky Colonel requests from the office of Sec. of State Grimes, another possible Mitch opponent.

Where's the Democratic equivalent of a 2013 "hound dog" to tree Mitch with the truth...and a media that just doesn't accept his views without a much more skeptical approach?  Hey, this is about a guy who votes on gun control (and votes contrary to all the latest surveys) and mental health and might get to vote for war against North Korea. These are not small matters.

I'm just sayin'...

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