Monday, June 3, 2013


All my life I have had this argument with people who say “Change is Good.” No, it isn’t. Good change is good—there are some bad changes. You have to apply some judgment.

Example, Joseph-Beth. Do I want to go to a bookstore and buy baby clothes? No!

But the new owners (and the original owner got in trouble by expanding at least once too much....bad change) say their surveys show otherwise. So they put in a clothes section near the kids books. Sensible—to them.  But that space could have been used for the great travel & maps section they once had...or more books. (If I want  kids clothes I’ll go to a kids clothes store. Betcha it  doesn’t have books.)

Another example:   the weather channel. The old two minutes of “weather on the eights” is gone. Now it’s one minute, if that, and often misses the “8” mark...robbing me of important local weather information I need. (I’m not talking about the channel’s excellent expanded coverage of severe weather, but the day-in, day-out reports. It was one of the things that attracted me in the first place...I could count on two minutes of local weather info every 8th minute, but no more!  As a result, I depend more on the local TV channels..which, BTW, often have been more accurate in their 5 day forecasts.  Now I watch the Weather Channel less because of its bad and needless change.

And the movies. I love movies, especially at the Kentucky Theatre.  I missed “Mud” there twice, but a friend got me to go to one of the multiplexes to see it. And I remembered all the reasons I don’t like the multiplexes: zillions of commercials. (Hey, my career was in commercial broadcasting. I know how important commercials can be. But if  there’s one I don’t like---and there are many—I can change the station. Not in the theater where I am a captive audience, which I dislike).  Oh, yes, and too many previews of coming attractions..including one for a film.. "Coming in the Fall.” Not even a date to remember if I wanted to see it.

Or the much too steeply angled steps for we old farts…making use of the handrail is vitally important..the world’s stickiest handrail. Don’t they ever clean these?

The picture was fine; I recommend it…just see it when next it comes to the Kentucky.

OK, I don’t like least  not these I guess I am an old stick in the mud..but you’re stuck with me, such as I am.

I'm just sayin'...

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