Monday, August 12, 2013


#1---Senator McConnell’s campaign manager…the TOP man in his re-election “holding his nose” about Mitch’s candidacy. This is going to hurt our senior senator, how much I don’t know..but all the “funny” pictures in the world..of the two of them holding their noses together, won’t help. This is a serious matter and I expect it to be used over and over again by both GOP and Democratic opponents.

It’s far more serious that the senator’s leaving very early in the Fancy Farm doings--- and taking 5 bus loads of supporters with him. That certainly didn’t help support other Republican candidates there, especially Agriculture Comm. Comer, who may be the party’s top nod for governor.

#2---Gov. Beshear acted correctly, if a bit late, is forcing out the head of the state emergency management agency, John Heltzel, after an auditor's report showed both extravagant spending on “entertainment”…and, what was worse, an attempt to cover it up by intimidating state employees.

But it’s also against the law for vendors to the state, in the major case here, the Galt House in Louisville, to change its invoices to make the agency’s books seem correct. I hope the attorney-general or other appropriate official will also pursue a probe and possible indictments against the civilian vendors as well. It takes two to tango with taxpayers’ money here.

#3---May I add my personal regrets on the passing of former Lexington vice-mayor Ann Ross, one of the nicest politicians I ever covered. Lexington’s city elections are non-partisan, but Ann was a Republican, as we all knew. She was knowledgeable, articulate, and gracious.  She would debate the issues with you but never raise her voice.  If there were more politicians like Ann Ross both of our Old Parties would be Grand.

I'm just sayin'...

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