Monday, September 30, 2013


NSA continues to lie about what it is doing..having steadfastly denied reading any of our private e-mail or phone conversations. But, NBC News reported last  week NSA’s own Inspector General verified at least a dozen cases where NSA employees used its enormous spying capacity (paid for by you and me!) to spy on boy friends, girl friends, and spouses.

Who’s next?


A recent trip to the UK family health center provided ample evidence that a lot of bicycling students are disobeying the law..putting themselves, and worse the rest of us, in danger of serious injuries.

Look folks, it’s simple.

Lexington and Kentucky define bicycles as vehicles..subject to the same rules as cars and trucks.

No running stop signs or red lights. ”Drive” (for that’s what it is) on the right side of the road. Cars aren’t allowed on sidewalks (so that also includes bikes.)

I like the “green” aspects of bikes..but I dislike the real potential for “black and blue” injuries which failure to follow “the rules of the road” can also mean.

And, BTW, pedestrians..when the traffic light’s orange hand stops flashing..and goes to the always on mode, you aren’t supposed to start or keep on walking across the street.  Sorry to be so elemental, but the life you save..may be your own.

I'm just sayin'...

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