Monday, October 28, 2013


A month of anniversaries are coming, especially on KET/PBS..many of them significant and important.

I hope you all support KET to the extent that you get its monthly “Visions” magazine with the schedule for November. If so, there are two major series of events coming.

One will be a number of programs on space..the shuttle, astronauts to the moon, the Hubble telescope and things like that. Fascinating, important events many of us lived through…and for those of you young enough not to have watched them first hand, this is a great opportunity for you to learn..and know how important space exploration is to your lives today.

On a sad note, November brings us the 50th anniversary of the death of President Kennedy. All the networks will have major programs, and KET has a full array..including American Experience/Frontline/Nova/as well as specials. Having interviewed the President twice, and having covered extensively his campaign in West Virginia, which helped make him President, I hope you will watch as many of these as possible. Even the conspiracy shows, which will undoubtedly crop up, are worth seeing..but not all will be worth believing.

Mr. Kennedy believed public service was a notable goal for all citizens, but especially students and young people. The Peace Corps continues as one of his noblest ideas. While we have every right to be dissatisfied with our government from time to time (NSA, sign-up glitches come to mind right now) “Camelot”  was a time when many things were possible and showed America to the world as a “country on a hill.”

We are far from perfect, so let me close this largely media blog by recommending you read two news stories printed on Sunday.

The Courier-Journal printed a thoughtful column by one of our true statesmen, former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton.  Read it under this headline: “For a stable future, Congress must fix itself.”

And for something entirely different..but inspiring, and one of most interesting and well written stories I have seen in sometime..I commend to you a report from the Sunday New York Times. A story from its Sports section, which should have been on its front page…how a priest and a minister, both baseball fans..handled a much more serious matter. Do read: “A World Away, the Seventh Game; Close at Hand, Condemned Nazis.”

I'm just sayin'...

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