Monday, January 20, 2014


Elected officials are reluctant to raise taxes, especially in an election year—which this year happens to be.

But, besides facing major problems in pension funding, education funding, and child care…the governor has proposed four laning the rest of the (Combs) Mountain Parkway and tying it  into U-S 23.

That’s a good idea and worth doing… has to be paid for. Federal funds (paid for by taxpayers in this state and other states) and bonds will probably pay for much of the project..but there is always the possibility that new taxes will be needed.

So, what will it be?

Will Speaker Stumbo  (leader of the mountain caucus in the legislature) and others support additional taxes  designated for  the road improvements or not?

Taxes do not exist in a vacuum; they are to pay for something. Which something will it be?

If I supported the road plan, I’d be sure my adherents asked those running this fall for their position...and I’d put up billboards throughout Eastern Kentucky asking the same question. 

Taxes get a bad rap...someone said “they are the rent we pay for living in a society.” We need to be sure they go for something needed, and monitor their spending..but just to say..”I’m against any tax increase” or sign that “no tax” pledge is sheer stupidity.

And, if Central and Eastern Kentucky play their cards right, and get the expanded Mountain Parkway, we will have proven it.

(BTW, why should 80% of all our new highway dollars go to two bridges in Louisville?  There’s a lot more of us with road needs out here.)

I'm just sayin'...

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