Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Oh my gosh..Kentucky is running out of drugs. No, not meth or oxy or Darvon—that often kill people unintentionally, but the “legal” drugs used to kill people intentionally.

Kentucky is one of 32 state that still use the death penalty, and as most states do, executes by an injection of drugs. But the courts have held, correctly,  that while you can kill someone for violating your laws, you must do so in a manner that is not “cruel and unusual.” For a prisoner to die, very painfully and take several hours to do so, which has happened, is against the law, courts have held.

Makers of drugs that do the job quickly have stopped making them, due to opposition to capital punishment, and possible lawsuits. Since a number of drugs might work, a black market and underground industry has grown up among “justice” agencies to find and use court approved drugs.  It’s becoming harder and harder.

Which is but another reason for Kentucky to get out of the death penalty business---all together. Studies have shown death penalty cases are about 60% correct. So 40% who are killed are innocent---and an unknown number who are guilty go free. Not good odds when you are taking someone’s life..in my name and yours. I can get better odds at Keeneland.

What’s worse is that in many death cases our system of “justice” has failed..first year lawyers with public advocacy arguing cases, badly, where a life is at stake..or, even worse, cases where police and DAs  know the person is innocent, yet allow it to go to trial, and a death penalty without regard for either truth or justice. It has happened.

Kentucky could save money, stop this ridiculous search for black market lethal drugs that work, and avoid 40% or more of mistakes in these crucial cases. We need to join the growing list of states with a more humane approach to the “justice” we say we aspire to, and end the death penalty totally.

Thank you, Jesus.
I'm just sayin'...

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