Tuesday, June 24, 2014


1. Do we need further proof of the incredible closeness of UK and LFUCG?  Or that at times they  must go their own way because what’s best for one is not necessarily always  the best for the other?
2. UK’s president is right to put his campus and education first. Remember, BBN, they are still STUDENT-athletes, however long they stay.
3. Timing is everything.
4. The much locally criticized legislature,  for not giving us money—as it did Lou-ah-vul-- turned out to be right. We didn’t have enough information soon enough.
5. Much still remains to be answered..chief among them..the plans and future for the civic center part of the overall project. If memory serves, back in the 90s we sold millions in bonds to upgrade the LCC so we could attract larger (i.e. more profitable) conferences. Those bonds are not fully paid off yet, and still the plan sought to expand the LCC. Why? To attract even larger conventions? That way lies madness..and possible fiscal insanity. We need a LOT more information and public discussion here.
6. Has all this blunted the chief plank in Anthany Beatty’s campaign for mayor, since he opposed the Rupp expansion. Will he come up with other ideas and issues…which may also prove to be correct?
7. Mayor Gray says the plan will remain and when the timing is right it can be trotted out again. Let’s hope so..for we spent millions to get it, and better a  tweak in the future than $tarting over—paying more and unnece$$ary tax monie$.
8. UK still has to come up with a new proposal to the city for when the current Rupp lease runs out. So there’s sure to be new talks, new plans, and hopefully people on the same page then. Better a revamped  Rupp than a new arena, or going back to playing on campus—remember those alternatives were also suggested—at one time---and they are not good ideas.
9. Patience. The best is yet to come.

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