Monday, September 1, 2014

IT’s ALL “P.R.” : Personal Ruminations

“Paper or plastic?”  California is ending the use of one time only plastic sacks within a year---and Kentucky should do likewise.  Maybe then Kroger will have enough paper sacks to go around.  (Boxers or briefs?  Boxers, not that you asked!)

Why is it not possible for anchors and reporters on the same newscast to pronounce the same word the same way?  Amirli is an Iraqi town in the news, only 6 letters, but the weekend anchor pronounced it one way, the field reporter another. And, by the way, there is—as a famous book on foreign names once said..”no ‘cow’ in Moscow” It’s “MOSS-ko”, not that everyone at CBS agrees.

How did that wall sized-mural downtown ever get painted over? New owner said he just didn’t understand what it was and why there.  Meadow muffins. But to prevent such art atrocities from happening in the future, LexArts should publish a list of the 16 public murals we supposedly  have, their locations, and get signs on them as quickly as possible. This one disappeared, in part, because there was only an “oral promise” with the original businessman involved.

Has the Weather Channel lost its mission?  Do we really want to see more shows such as “Fat Guys in the Woods?” (NO!) And the original two minutes of weather “on the eights” has now been cut down to one minute, and when slobby male shows are on, often disappears entirely.

Thank you Morgan & Morgan..if we must have lawyer ads, and D. Isaacs has lost his once  funny, appealing ads with catchy music to become…The Hammer!,  then this family firms’ ads are the best we see locally. (Is her name really Ultima?)

The UK moving in seemed worse than ever last week..I saw lines of vehicles from Lime all the way down Euclid to High and south  to as far as the eye could see..well beyond Cassidy one point. There’s gotta be a better way.

I believe young people do need instructions in handling firm some point. That point is NOT giving a 9 year old an Uzi, whether there is an instructor nearby or not. (BTW, he’s  now dead due to this error in judgment.) 40 years ago when I came here, I remember seeing my first ad for an Uzi in an eastern Kentucky paper. It was sold by The Family Store.

Goodbye Diana Sawyer. You made us proud that this Kentucky native could do so well on network tv. We’re sorry you’ve left the ABC world news daily cast, but we do look forward to your special reports from time to time.

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