Monday, November 24, 2014


The week after the election I offered some general observations and comments for all voters.  Last week, I had some suggestions for Democrats, especially state Dems.  Today’s it’s the GOP’s turn.

You were formed 150 years ago to oppose slavery; remember?  But today, people want to know what  candidates and parties support,  Opposition is viewed more as obstruction.

For years now we have had a divided legislature in Frankfort.  Sometimes the parties get along; more often they don’t.  If they want to get new followers, and perhaps show Washington it CAN be done, things need to change.

For example: some Northern Kentucky lawmakers, mainly Republicans, have some ideas to fight the influx of heroin, there and everywhere.  They need to be listened to.  Just as some House Democrats last session  had some good ideas on the same subject, but they didn’t get adopted. And heroin keeps growing.

Surely, in the face of this problem, the two chambers, the two  parties can do what’s right for Kentucky…and in the process, each gains public approval.

Our infrastructure is falling apart. “60 Minutes” Sunday reminded us how bad our roads and bridges are. Kentucky’s fund to build and repair is tied to the price of gasoline, which has recently dropped. Yes, voters, myself included, like that…but what does it profit a driver if he has gas in his tank, and the bridge ahead collapses? This is a real  possibility.

The GOP can show leadership here...just as that great liberal organization,  the U-S Chamber of Commerce, did before Congress in calling for higher TAXES so the additional funds could be used to repair the roads we have and build new ones. Just always being against higher taxes simply means more and more potholes. Is that what the Kentucky GOP wants?

And, by the way, you didn’t succeed in taking over the House..but where you did gain it was often because you put up good candidates. That has not always been true, and there’s a lesson there.

Good luck. As you succeed, so might Kentucky.

I'm just sayin'...

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