Monday, December 8, 2014


First, there’s Ferguson. After a tragic death, the protesters rightfully call for “justice.” But that justice as in Florida was really "only a verdict I agree with!” and that is not Justice. If you agree to let the Justice system decide, then you need to accept the verdict…in all but the most egregious cases. (Sacco and Vanzetti?)

That said, there are problems with  the Justice system  in the Ferguson area.  Little noted was a case  tried there  years ago. It hinged on whether police were justified in opening fire against the defendants. The police case, the same prosecutor presented, was based on their claim that a truck was moving toward them and they opened rire in fear of their lives. Despite overwhelming technical evidence the truck did NOT move, the jury cleared the cops.

That story is all too often repeated. But the time to get the Justice system  improved is not when Ferguson, a town 80% black, has but 3 black officers on a 50 plus man police force. That imbalance should have been worked on years ago.

And then there’s Staten Island..the I can’t breathe case from New York City. In my view, this is very different. The video tape, and the NYPD’s own regulations against choke holds prove this cop or these cops should have been indicted.  They may then have their day in court, and a jury, in public, will decide. All the re-training of 35,000 cops won’t change the fact that Justice was not served here.

There are major differences between these cases but the bottom line is that Justice is supposed to be well as occupation (cop) blind..and in our America of 2014 is isn’t.

I'm just sayin'...

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