Wednesday, September 16, 2015


One of religion’s big problems is how we individually translate our beliefs..from what each person’s “Bible” tells him to do.

Kim Davis obviously doesn’t understand “render unto Caesar”..but then, that’s the way I interpret that verse (and I have a lot of company, but not universally.)

In Hungary the government has raised barbed wire fences to keep refugees from war-torn Syria out. Why? The prime minister said: "because they (the largely Muslim refugees)  threaten our Christian beliefs.”  Which beliefs?  How about “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Or even better what Christ  often said, "Love one another.”

And that church in Topeka, which claims to be Christian, obviously doesn’t understand that “loving” it pickets burials of our servicemen and women.

And even the conservative columnist Cal Thomas tried to tell Mrs. Davis that "America is not a Christian nation.” Religious, Yes. Christian, No.  Baptist, are you kidding?

But when public officials, whether an obscure county clerk in the U-S, or the prime minister of a European nation try to impose their translation of religion on the rest of us, I can only think of another Biblical verse  “Jesus wept.”

I'm just sayin'...

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