Monday, October 26, 2015


A story in the Cincinnati Enquirer reports children in Northern Kentucky are being trained to administer an OD  reversing drug…and it’s not the first time.

The paper calls it “an indication of how entrenched heroin is” across our nation.  An 8 year old, whose family is deep into that drug will be first in the new program..and a doctor who specializes in addiction treatment is “OK” with her doing it...even at her young age.

So too is a company that manufacturers the “pen” that will be used to administer the drug. It’s donating kits for the training program.

Nor is this the first use of Kentucky’s children in such a program.  The paper reports in May, 2014, 9 kids from 13 to 17, were trained in such devices.

It wasn’t  as if Kentucky didn’t  have a warning this epidemic was on the way...but the question may fairly be asked...did we prepare? Did our medical community—and our public officials—do what they could have done to head it off?

Hindsight, as we know, is usually 20-20...but to now train an 8 year old to practice medicine, for that’s what it is, just seems as if a lot of public and private agencies fell down on the job.

Maybe we should ask that of our candidates for state office, all of them ,for  this epidemic (and addiction) surely won’t be our last.

I'm just sayin'...

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