Sunday, December 27, 2015


The more I learn, not that anyone has told us citizens much, about the new group taking over CentrePointe, the more unhappy I get.

The city granted the new group a 30 day extension NOT to fill in our most famous sinkhole downtown. Who knew such extensions were possible? I don’t remember that being in the first, euphoric announcement from city hall.

Or that the holdings group can get 3 more such extensions?

Meanwhile, the city says the new group is “making progress."  They are interviewing “construction managers” (didn’t Mr. Webb do a similar thing and aren’t his results available to us? Are we inventing the wheel again?) and “architects!” Meadow Muffins!  Another architect? Another plan for the hole?  (see comment earlier about what Mr. Webb did) —and the SEVERAL plans for the building.)

And, BTW, the new group hasn’t told the city (or us) about its financing! What banks are involved, if any? Doesn’t this sound all-too-familiar? Wasn’t this the festering stumbling block for Mr. Webb’s plans?

Are we being strung along and sold a bill of goods that just might come crashing down (again) IF the city decides NOT to include a new city hall as part of the CentrePointe plans, which is its right, but which might give these new people an excuse to wash their hands of the project entirely.

And, BTW, the city is spending $200,000 on a feasibility we lease or build a new city hall? That report is not expected until after the first 30 day extension runs out. My first prediction for 2016:  LFUCG will grant a 2nd 30 day extension because the timetables for these two projects don’t coincide.

We are being kept in the dark entirely too much here...and I’m afraid everything points to a repeat of the problems we had with Mr. Webb.

And we were supposed to have learned from that experience.

I'm just sayin'...

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