Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Forget The Protestors

Forget the party spokesmen, who have their own axe to grind.
Think about your own vote---and that of Kentucky’s.
Why do you keep putting up with letting your vote not count as much as one vote, say in California, or Texas, or New Jersey?  It doesn’t.
Nor does Kentucky’s. Our state is upstaged by many other states...or didn’t you notice how few national candidates visited our state during this year’s elections. (Coming in just to raise $$$$$ or landing at the Cincy airport, in N. Ky., doesn’t count.)
But aren’t our citizens’ votes just as good, and needed by the parties and their candidates just as much as other states???
There’s a simple...and complete answer...the Electoral College.
Set up by the Founding Fathers in an attempt to create a Meritocracy (where the office was supposed to seek the man and not vice versa) or at least in an attempt to keep down the rabble, (you and me), the “college” soon stopped working under its original purpose.
Electors were supposed to use their best, personal knowledge and judgment in the votes they cast.  But soon states required them to vote, by law, for whoever won the popular vote---absolutely opposite what the FF’s intended.
That approach is what we live under today...despite half a dozen elections (including the present one) where the leading candidate in votes did not win in the “college” and so lost. At last count HRC was 2.8 Million votes ahead, tho 27% of Republicans either don’t know that or don’t believe that. This is democracy?
Aye, there’s the rub. Because each party believes the College does or could favor them, they oppose a change.
PBS reported in the past 200 years there have been 700 proposals to amend the Electoral College, more than any other part of the constitution.
But only ONE change matters.
Either you believe your vote is just as good, no more and no less, than the vote of any other American citizen, regardless of where they live..or you don't.  The ONLY change that will live up to our democratic ideal "one person, one vote.”...is to get rid of that College totally and let the winner be declared by the popular vote across the country.
We’ve wasted over 200 years to make this change,
Let’s get started.
I'm just sayin'...

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