Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Thoughts On Recent News Stories

1---Someone (?) tried to hack a small Vermont electric utility.
Thwarted without damage THIS time...but our entire power grid is vulnerable...AND...the power companies keep telling us their VOLUNTARY acts will keep us safe;without any federal rules or requirements.  This a major disaster waiting to happen.
2---Coal ash...that discard from mining and power plant operations...(remember the containment pond in Tennesse that collapsed holding this and killed some people?)
The Bevin administration wished to issue new orders calling for less rules here, and fewer inspections.  Both major papers editorilised against these proposals. The administration replied the media was “misleading us again." Enviro groups agreed with the media, so they  must be misleading us, too.
3---H-L story pointed out difficulties in tax code reform.
Kentucky takes in $10 billion in taxes each year...while failing to collect a possible $12 billion due to tax loopholes or exemptions.  Guess we will  make it up by volume. But then, each loophole has supporters, such as exemptions on horses sold at Keeneland. Boy, if there are any people who can afford to pay taxes here, it’s race horse buyers.
4---Coal mining reported one of the safest years ever last year.
BUT, the deaths did not factor in the low production, so maybe this good news isn’t so good after all.
5---Lexington has a new high school.
Frederick Douglass high...named for the  (not so long ago segregated school here.) The school board, after public comments made that decision...but also this week decided on the school’s mascot and colors.
Wouldn’t it have been much better to also get public comment, and maybe led the schools first students/staff make these decisions?
I'm just sayin'...

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