Sunday, March 5, 2017

As We All Know

“It is easier to campaign than to govern.”
“The devil is in the details.”
Listening to the President’s speech to Congress this week (will there be a later State of the Union address??) I was encouraged. I thought this was one of his best talks and was encouraged both by its tone and by some of the plans he outlined.
(I pray for each new president, whether I voted for him/her or not. I want each to succeed because that’s the best way for America to succeed.)
But a lot of the good vibes given off by his talk were dissipated later when he told a White House meeting “who knew health care was so complicated.”
Almost everyone, Mr. President, where have you been?
It bears out one of the points made last fall on Shields & Brooks on PBS. I think it was the conservative Brooks who said “Mr. Trump seems to be constitutionally UNcurious.”  This following some debate over Roe v Wade, which has been a public issue for decades..and yet, campaigner Trump seemed ignorant of the issues here, and their importance to many people.
And so now, it seems, with health care.
House Republicans in the past 4 years have tried over 50 votes to repeal Obamacare—and not once, when challenged by the “loyal opposition” did they come up with an alternative. It was just Repeal, Repeal, Repeal. Maybe they realized how very complex our national health care system is....and wanted no part of getting involved with that.
Whatever; the nation IS involved now..and the new administration. Repeal, replace, when, in what order, how---these are important questions for the new administration...and it is not unfair to say  that some citizens’ LIVES hang on the decisions made.
Good luck, Mr. T---and you, too Gov. B.
Only a little less than “the fate of the Republic”  (and your party) may be hanging on your answers.
I'm just sayin'...

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