Monday, May 1, 2017

When One Vote Really Matters

I would hope that even the strongest advocate for the death penalty (I am not one) would have been appalled by Arkansas’ brutal plan to execute a dozen inmates in as many days recently...all because its supply of illegal(!) lethal drugs was about to run out.
Thanks to many problems, they only got to kill four...starting with one who denied his guilt and ending with one who convulsed a dozen times before dying—contrary to what the drugs were supposed to produce.
And all of this came about starting with a 5-4 vote of the Supreme Court allowing Arkansas to go ahead.
Who cast that one deciding vote for death?
Guess who?
Right, Judge Gorsuch, newest member of the court—which had deadlocked 4-4 when the vacant seat hadn’t been filled.
Thanks, Mitch.
Speaking of matters legal...if you or I sold the same item to two different people, we could be charged with fraud.
Not the airlines.  
Thanks to Congress, they are entitled to sell the same seat to two (or more) people without violating the law...which is total crap.
The recent incident with United and the Kentucky doctor has prompted 2 airlines, so far, that say they will no longer “overbook”—that is sell the same seat two or more times.
Bully for them...may many more follow.
And let’s get to the “seat” of the problem...and get Congress to amend the law that allows them to do this.  We ought to be able to agree on simple justice and what would be right in every other business but aviation...and to get Rep. Andy Barr to support this change without yelling at him at his next (??) town hall meeting.
BTW, whatever happened to that old Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights?
I'm just sayin'...

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