Sunday, October 8, 2017

Swords Into Plowshares

We have had a lot of damaging weather activity all over our world recently...hurricanes in the Gulf, earthquakes in Mexico, cyclones (that killed many more than all our storms) in SE Asia, mudslides in Europe and China, volcanoes in Indonesia and elsewhere...yet each time the medical and humanitarian relief efforts have to be organized anew; as if these events weren’t going to happen.
But they are, and will continue to happen. Why aren’t we (the human race) better—and more consistently —prepared?
Whatever happened to the SS Hope?  Remember the world’s first, peacetime floating hospital—that went where it was needed, whether the outbreak of some disease, or just aiding people in poor areas, or sailing to where a disaster had occurred?  She was retired in ‘74, and not replaced. Why not?
We know these natural disasters will continue to happen, along with outbreaks of new disasters (Ebola, Zika, etc.) Why isn't the world prepared for them?
We have many ships in mothballs or dry docks that could be SS Hopes...only a lot more, and stationed around the world so no matter where a natural or man-made disaster threatened, they could get there quickly; with experienced disaster staffs, supplies that are needed quickly, and begin setting up the recovery efforts—calling in more aid when needed...all with experienced hands who can quickly evaluate the situation and let the world know what was needed, how much, how soon.
Let the UN or various regional organizations set up such ships, as well as ground forces—trained, and ready from past efforts to move when disaster strikes. Let contracts be made with all nations to co-ordinate these efforts with those of national relief agencies in each country so red tape can be cut ahead of time when the disaster strikes.
Surely the examples of the past few months strongly indicate the need for such an approach; as well as the fact that such pre-existing capabilities would be more efficient than recreating recovery efforts each disaster anew, with a lot of attendant waste.
Surely mankind can see, and establish, these permanent agencies for universal help, and soon.
I'm just sayin'...

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