Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Making the US a Banana Republic!

Once again BOTH parties have made the US look stupid in the eyes of the world. There is NO excuse for ever shutting down the government. Not only do too many of us, and our “lives” depend on its services; which we have paid for, but it is the total abdication of what our elected representatives have pledged to do.
Much of this can be attributed to the arcane rules of Congress, and how it works. A “CR”-- continuing resolution—is never the way to adopt a budget (some of which traditionally—if not legally--- have not been adopted for years.)
The rest can be attributed to, surprise(!) politics.
Each party hopes to sell the people that it was NOT responsible for the shutdown. But BOTH are, and I suggest “the people” are saying “A pox on both of you.”  I am. And to “sell” the people the other party was responsible means many, many dollars in PR funds, tv ads, debates, etc—all UNnecessary.
I told various representatives of the party I am registered with (and must be under state law to have a vote in the more important of the elections, the primary) to knock it off. Yes, I support its general approach on the particular legislative item causing the bottleneck, but NOT at the expense of a shutdown.
In a shutdown, many people get hurt, needlessly. Yes, Congress wised up after the first shutdown and exempted certain “essential” services, but would we all agree what are ALL of those “essential services?”  (aid to a struggling rural hospital in East Jesus, Ky. for example, or having a National Park open for a foreign family which has spent a lot of money on its annual vacation, or, well you know.)
This has got to stop, or we will, once again, be the laughing stock of the world.
Tom Jefferson, George and Abe, must be spinning in their graves.
I'm just sayin'...

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