Monday, January 21, 2019

Some Words In Praise Of CBS's Sunday Morning

“Here begins something new.”
Charles Kuralt spoke those words as he began CBS’s “Sunday Morning:, the best news program on the air; yes, better than 60 Minutes, or Frontline or Nova (and that’ saying a lot!)---certainly the best news program on commercial networks or cable.
I don’t remember if there were news magazine shows before Sunday Morning, perhaps so, but it has outlasted and bested them all...and next Sunday will observe its 40th year on the air.It’s worth a watch, week in and week out, regularly, and certainly on the occasion of this upcoming anniversary program.
Kuralt, and his producer Robert Northshield's idea was a Sunday newspaper on television, with feature stories, opinion columns, hard news reports, coverage of the arts, and more; the things you get in a good Sunday edition, only on TV. It has succeeded wildly. Some programs are better than others, but I can’t remember ever seeing a bad one, and I’ve seen many of them.
They have special, themed programs too, as do Sunday papers, especially in their special sections. Few could eclipse when Kuralt took the program live to Moscow, when famed Russian expatriate, Vladimir Horowitz, went home after many years to play a concert. What a concert it was!  You can still buy CDs and DVD's of it. Other themed programs have been on Design and Money and Food. (And my favorite, the end of each year’s look back at the people we lost along the way.)
Staples of the program are an Almanac, a detailed backgound cover story on some current news topic, outstanding coverage of the arts, and the piece that ends the program, a natural sound only nature report, which may be bugling elks at mating season, or our own Red River gorge.
After 40 years, Sunday Morning is still “something new” and always something outstanding.  Do watch Sundays at 9, when the trumpet sounds.

I'm just sayin'...

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