Monday, September 27, 2010

Republicans Should Get Credit For These Good Ideas

I know it's somewhat simplistic--but I like it.

The idea of House Republicans in Frankfort that legislators must forfeit their pay for a special session if they fail to pass the budget in a regular session.

That would bring pressure on both parties to get the budget done; their major work in a regular session. It should also bring about better planning, and better co-ordination between the governor and the legislature..sometimes a reason why a special session is needed in the first place.

But there's also egos and stubborness involved here. (I marvel at how Sen. David Williams keeps his crew in line vote after vote, sometimes when it really makes, to me, little sense.) Maybe not getting paid to keep on blindly following party leadership would bring pressure from the rank-and-file to "get 'er done!" If this takes a constitutional amendment, as House Dems suggest, let us begin.

I also like another idea from House Republicans..bills that spend tax monies or raise taxes must be made available to lawmakers--and you and me--at least 48 hours before a vote. It's well known that most budgets, because of their length and complexity, aren't event read over by lawmakers before reporters find out later when they start combing the fine print, and..sur-prize!

Senate candidate Rand Paul wants Congress to follow a similar approach..saying Congress must read all bills before voting on them. How to you require Congress to read a bill? You can't really require Congress to do anything; it often violates its own rules--and the law. When it couldn't (or wouldn't) pass the federal budget by the July first deadline, it moved the deadline to October first...and still hasn't met that deadline! The Frankfort approach of Paul's fellow Republicans makes more sense..get the bills out there for 48 hours before a vote.

That gives you and me a chance to comment and object..and that's what representative government is all about.

"I'm Just Sayin'"

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