Monday, October 4, 2010

Danger Will Robinson! Danger Coach Cal!

OK: the skinny lady has sung and the NCAA says it won't investigate the Eric Bledsoe case.

Lucky us; no telling what they might have found.

The one official probe into his Birmingham grades was unable to prove problems..emphasis on "prove." Grades were changed, and the teacher asserted his right not to say why. What little he did say the probe found "not credible." Another principal said he would "go to my grave" without answering other pertinent questions. Grade books, which by law were to be kept for there years, were missing. (In fairness the school where they were kept was closed and things do happen when major closing like that happen, things just aren't kept.)

So, those who hate the Cats can say, "see, we told you!" with justification. And Cat fans can say "Nothing was proven", with equal justification.

But this entire "one and done" approach by Coach Cal bothers me because that approach increases the possibility of things like the Eric Bledose case happening. When you're in-and-out in a hurry (in UK, out NBA) someone is always interested in cutting corners to make quick cash, knowing that the odds are as fully exemplified in Eric's case..the infractions won't be caught in time.

Ah, time.

Cat fans want another Final Four championship and many have embraced Coach Cal's approach as a way to win it. He's obviously a great coach; he also holds the record for the only coach to have two Final Four appearances wiped from the record books due to player ineligibility.

What irony it would be if UK wins some future Final Four, only to have the NCAA forfeit our win because some "one and done" player's grade books were found, and oh boy, what they showed!

Surely the NCAA wouldn't forfeit the championship game. (Surely they wouldn't forfeit the Heisman trophy; surely.)

Surely, the NCAA wouldn't "spring" for eliminating UK from that "field."


"I'm Just Sayin'"...

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