Monday, January 24, 2011

Does anyone on Lexington TV know what an adverb is?

You know, what we were supposed to have learned in high school..generally, a part of speech that modifies a verb. As opposed to an adjective, a part of speech that generally modifies a subject or noun.

As in..Lexington lady anchor.."it's snowing heavy, so be sure to drive slow."

Or, weathercaster (and field reporter also).."The snows came quick."

I cringe. You should too..and let the stations know you don't like people who are supposed to be professionals in their use of the English language making such basic mistakes. It should be..."snowing slowLY"..."came quickLY."

English is a difficult language; we are all darn lucky we were born into it..and we should speak it properly, especially those who employ it in their profession. As my old college English teacher, Prof. Henry 'iggins told me.."we are the inheritors of the language of Milton, Chaucer, and Shakespeare...use it correctly."

Local stations don't seem concerned with the poor use of English by their staffs. It isn't that they haven't been told; I've e-mailed all three, probably worn my welcome out...since they almost never reply.

I would like to think the local news directors and managers know better, but after years of bad grammar on the air, I am truly not certain. Maybe Coach Cal can get away with "we got beat", but sports reporters/anchors shouldn't...even if sports---in all media---gets more lattitude than it should for slang and the vernacular.

In this university city, I would like to think we have an audience that knows better, and cares. If you feel that way, please let the stations know. Call the News Director or Station Manager.

"Like I said" (another fave but incorrect phrase on local TV)'s true bad!

I'm just sayin'...

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