Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rand Paul doesn't get it!

Rand Paul doesn't get it!

And he isn't alone among Kentucky and federal officials.

After the tragic shootings in Arizona he issued the oft heard response..guns don't kill people, people kill people. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG!

People with guns kill people.

It takes both..people (deranged or "normal"), and guns (single shot .22s or machine guns Uzis and AK47s.) to kill others...and the problem must be attacked on both levels.

People are the harder problem..but after Virginia Tech, and the LIRR shooting, and maybe even Columbine, when are we going to insist that a mentally unstable person's right to privacy may be overbalanced by society's right to keep many innocent people from being killed? Laws need to be in place to require mental health reporting to the appropriate agencies, without fear of legal liability.

30 people would be alive in Virginia if that state had such a law, and enforced it. It's too early for a definitive answer in Arizona, but there is information that would support a similar belief.

Guns shouldn't be that difficult..except politically. It is possible to support the Second Amendment (I do, but my reading is very different from the Supreme Court majority) and still see that certain practical things can be done. Legally, people can't possess silencers and machine guns. Registration of handguns has been upheld for gun dealers (who also must be registered under the law). My brother is one of them.

When will Kentucky, and America, fix the most glaring loophole..allowing gun shows to sell guns without any restrictions? What can not be sold in a gun store without records and a background check, gets sold without any restrictions if that store moves to a booth at a gun show. There is neither logic nor sense here.

And didn't I just see a news report that Kentucky provides the third highest number of guns used by criminals in other states, including Mexican drug lords?
Shame on us! There is innocent blood on our hands.

How many more tragedies must take place before we Kentuckians do our part and fix these things?? How many more Christina Green's must die til Rand Paul, Kentucky Legislators, and the NRA get it?

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