Monday, February 7, 2011

The "Baddy" awards---Lexington's worst commercials

The Super Bowl often airs tv's most creative, unusual, and, yes, best commercials. But this week, 2010 being over, I want to observe our town's worst commercials for last year, for whatever shame they may take from that award.

I never thought that nasal sing-song "where price sells cars" would be less than #1 on my list, but it dropped into 5th place last year. American Freight soars to the top of my list with its totally unnecessary, ear-shattering spots. These people obviously think we are hicks and rubes if we fall for these..and since the store is still in business, maybe we are. Lexington tv managers do NOT have to air these spots; they could insist the volume be turned down for failure to meet advertising standards..but nope, short term greed outweighs long term standards and the tv medium has been debased by accepting these spots..debased for all the other more legitimate sponsors. They should object.

Then there's the furniture store whose spots feature the owner's kids jumping on beds, and lolling on couches, etc.etc.etc...I think I know why they are featured, but I have seldom liked such "family" spots on tv, and I think these exploit those children. Besides, why should we expect good advice on buying furniture from kids?

And the rug store that tells us not once, not twice, but three times (or more, seems like it) that such-and-such is "FREE"..and it isn't. You have to buy something before you get all these "FREE" things..and that is not my definition or Webster's ("without charge") of "free."

And the home security service whose spot is deliberately designed to appear as if is a legitimate interview on a noon show or early morning newscast. The guy even says to the lady interviewer "thanks for having me." Thanks?? He's paying for the spot, she better have him on. Once again, our tv stations are misleading viewers by airing commercials that appear to be real program interviews; they aren't. (Short term greed again, versus long term respect for the medium.)

Which brings us to the year-in, year-out Baddy Award.."where price sells cars." I guess it works, because one of the better dealer's commercials tells us it isn't price that sells cars at his place...but it's annoying as hell and has long since worn out its welcome on my screen. I won't be buying my Toyota at this dealer, lowest price or not.

Those are my 5 Baddy Awards for 2010. I'd be pleased to receive your nominations in case I missed some really terrible ones. And keep your eyes and ears alert during 2011. Unfortunately, bad taste never seems to go out of style.

I'm just sayin'...

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