Monday, February 21, 2011

S-E-X beats Presidents' Day

If this truly were our Presidents' Day (and week) I would probably comment on them. But it's another of those artificial holidays created by Congress, not truly to honor anyone but to provide a 3 day weekend for everyone--including Congress ---so SEX wins.

Besides, I've been wanting to comment on Karen Sypher and now that she has been sentenced, I can.

Ah, Karen--our very own Kentucky sex symbol...those golden tresses, tight clothing, ruby red Cupid's bow lips, and heaving bosom with that "come hither" look...for her age, a true knock-out of a gal.

And, oh yes, a very checkered past.

All probably unknown to the married Coach Rick when he threw "family values" to the winds and engaged in sex, consensual or otherwise, on that famous restaurant bench after hours. For 15 seconds, as one of them said.

She was charged, not with any sexual offense, but with conspiracy to extort money from him for that act, and the evidence indicates clearly she was guilty. He was charged with nothing (though there are some old laws under which he could have been charged I'm sure) and he was guilty of the sexual encounter; he said so.

Charge the UL coach in Lou-ah-vul? Shirley you jest! Did UL even slap his wrist? Nope; that was too much to ask..and probably mirrors what UT did to Bruce Pearl (not much in my view) months later for very different but also serious offenses. (Hey, winning coaches are in short supply.)

Extortion in her case being a federal offense, our sex symbol was charged in federal court..and the feds piled on. Time after time they made sure Ms. Sypher knew she was playing in a man's game. The feds ought to have been charged with unnecessary roughness, but then she might have done worse in a state court, given the ire of Cardinal fans.

So, justice, as charged, triumphs. The guilty Ms. Sypher gets the minimum sentence--87 months, probably so the judge can avoid being accused of being too harsh in her appeal. And our hero coach goes free.

As I figure it, she got 6 months in prison for every second of her intercourse with Pitino. No other Division One coach can make that claim.

I'm just sayin'...

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