Monday, February 20, 2012

Two of My Favorite Four Letter Words

Two of my favorite four letter words are "film" and "free"; and for the past two Sundays I have indulged each at the annual One World Film Festival--and you can,too. Many more interesting free films remain.

Two Sundays ago I saw "The Rape of Europa", how the Nazis looted fine art treasures from conquered countries, some of whom sixty years later have yet to return them to their known owners or heirs. And that includes some of the Allied countries.

This past Sunday it was "Inside Job", how the housing collapse happened, and how some of the same people who should have seen it coming--and acted, didn't...yet they are still in charge today! (The lesson is that every time Congress yields to pressure from the business community and deregulates certain industries, or fails to provide adequate oversight, bad things happen; and they are getting worse!)

Ahead are films as different as underground youth music in Iran, how trying to solve our energy problems may lead to more problems, how 9/11 and Afghanistan are related (it's not the Taliban), and the gay riots at New York's Stonewall club.

Most of these are at the Kentucky Theater on Thursdays at 5 and 7:30, the weekend films on Saturdays and Sundays are at the central library or at Transylvania. Many are in English, the rest have subtitles. A complete schedule is at

Try them--somewhere is one you will enjoy and will add to your knowledge and pleasure. And they're free!

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