Monday, March 12, 2012


Two thirds of the tornado deaths in Kentucky and Indiana took place in mobile homes.

Yet, for years the Kentucky legislature has failed to require tie-down straps on such homes. (There are some minimum federal requirements, but no state rules.) Why? Officials know that tie-down straps do make such homes safer. So, after Brandenburg in '74, and many other places in the intervening years, to West Liberty in '12, why no such requirement?

Lobbying by the "manufactured housing" industry would be my guess. If that upsets you, and I hope it does, ask your local representative, senator, or county Judge-Executive to get such straps passed into law. It's late in the session this year; but it will be even later in the next session, because while we have a tornado season every year, our legislature hasn't gotten the message since '74, and won't even now unless citizens insist. They lobby, we vote.

And speaking of voting, they're at it again. You would have thought the legislature would have gotten the message after the Supreme Court, unanimously, in the quickest session in recent memory, held the legislative redistricting plan to be illegal. But no. Not at all.

The court indicated the new maps split too many counties, beyond limits set forth in our constitution. Many, myself included, have urged a bi-partisan commission to propose new maps every 10 years for an up-or-down vote--as many other states do. But no. A senate proposal would amend our constitution to RAISE the number of counties that may be split and still have the new maps be legal. More "incumbency protection."

If passed by the legislature,(please tell your local representative "Hell No!"), and voters this fall, then--once again, when Republicans control the Senate, Lexington's Kathy Stein could be sent to Siberia, and if the Democrats control the Senate, David Williams would need long-johns. Neither deserve that fate. Nor does Democracy.

Let's end this farce and get on to voting on some serious issues such as the constitutional amendment which IS on the ballot; preserving our rights to hunt and fish, which as you all know, have been under serious challenge.

I'm just sayin'...

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