Tuesday, December 4, 2012


First, this "cliff" mess is all our fault..and by "our" I mean the 2 parties in DC and we citizens at home. I shall explain, but first:

Entitlements are much misunderstood.  You and I who worked, had money taken out of our paychecks and socked away by the government for our future use. The 2 main programs being Social Security and Medicare. It's a good system,  though many objected when introduced that they could invest their own funds better. Maybe. But the point is we are "entitled" to them because we EARNED them.  The government is not giving us something. It manages the programs, that's all...except when Congress takes money out of our 2 accounts to balance its budget, which it does frequently, and which is part of the problems with these 2 funds.

The budget is a statement of public policy...basically we should spend money here, not there. So when we decide to go to war, the most costly and inefficient of all human endeavors, we have decided to spend money on war and not schools, roads, health, etc. When we citizens let this type of budget policy be made we are both supporting the war and NOT supporting spending limited funds on schools, roads, health, etc.

I supported the senior Bush's war in Kuwait. You cannot let a powerful neighbor swallow up a smaller one, or the lessons Hitler taught us from Czechoslovakia on have been unlearned.

I did not support junior Bush's wars in Iraq  (what WMD???) or in Afghanistan (another intelligence failure..the Taliban had NO role in 9/11) Worse, for the first time in U-S history we CUT taxes in wartime. In all past wars we raised taxes to support the war effort. Not during these two wars and it was a monumental mistake.

Now, bring all these broad strokes together and you have...The Cliff!  And we can only blame..Bush, Obama, the GOP, the Dems, and above all..ourselves for putting up with 2 foolish wars and even more foolish policies to pay for them: cutting takes. Now, of course few want their taxes raised. Where were they to oppose the wars, at a $110 Billion per year cost???  (That's a lot of schools and roads or..ta da!..tax cuts.)

Don't rely on "Washington" to get us away from the Cliff. Lexington and Stinking Creek and Owensboro and Salyersville go us into this mess...and must get us out. Tell your Congressman.

I'm just sayin'...

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