Monday, December 17, 2012


Have we forgotten the ten year period when making new assault rifles was banned, and strict rules were placed on their sale and use?  It worked, limited though it may have been. The ban was passed under President Clinton and extended into Bush 2, ending in '04 when a GOP Congress refused to extend it.  For shame, as Jim Brady told his fellow Republicans.

Hunters and "sportsmen" do not need assault rifles to kill deer, bear, rabbits,  pheasants, foxes and the like.  Perfectly ordinary rifles and shotguns will do thank you. Assault rifles are civilian versions of military weapons..and that's where they the hands of our military and police..not in every home.

So first, we need to reinstate the ban on assault weapons--the weapons of choice of Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech, and Newtown.

Second, we need to end the gun show loophole. It is totally unfair to legal arms dealers (of which there are more in America than there are McDonald's!!!) It allows sellers at shows to by-pass the FBI check and other rules required if you buy the exact same weapon from a brick-and-mortar shop.  Totally unfair to legit businesses; are you listening GOP? (Let's ask Andy Barr where he stands on this unfair business situation!)

If we can pass these two basic laws, we can break the NRA stranglehold, much as Grover Norquist's ill-fated tax pledge is shriveling up. We might even get meaningful mental health programs designed to try to spot the potential mass killer early.

Remember, not even the Supreme Court has said you have a right to own machine guns (though some assault rifles come very close..) or bazookas. Even the Second Amendment has its limitations.

But our anguish after Sandy Hook should not be limited..nor our determination to do something.

It can be done because it has been done! 

I'm just sayin'...

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