Monday, March 25, 2013


First, there's Ashley Judd. A good looking gal, a fine actress, and an about to be dee-vorced Tennessean, who hasn't run for office before. Some say that's a plus, in these anti-Washington days, if she decided to run against Mitch. I think it would be a dreadful mistake, apart from some interesting legal questions of residence. If you thought Mitch's "hound dawg" ads were bad, wait til you see the sexy scenes his supporters (Mitch would never stoop that low himself!) lift from her films in a new series of campaign ads.

Political writer Al Cross says, correctly, what Mitch fears is the money Miss Judd can raise. Money is "the mother's milk of politics" and buys TV ads, mailings, billboards, and lots of etc. That gets attention. But is she qualified? Is the object of state/national Dems to defeat Mitch, even if we then add a second unqualified person to our senate delegation? How does that serve our citizens in Washington?

Then there's Alison L. Grimes.  The L stands for Lundergan, as in her dad, Jerry, ex state party chair, ex legislator, and current tight friend with the in, we can raise money well as avenge old wounds. She has yet to fill out her first term in a statewide office. How well qualified is she? And what are her views on Syria, Iraq, drones. same sex marriage, abortion, and of course, sequester?  (You too Miss Judd--what are your views on the issues)?

Finally, Crit Luallen. By all accounts she is one of the ablest women ever to serve in state government..and that's the rub. She throws out major hints she wants to use that experience and continue working in state government. We would be wise, if she decides to run to avail ourselves of that experience.

And yet, the guv's race is years off..and her long time political buddy, Jack Conway, the Attorney General, would like to head the Dem ticket for guv..and few party leaders want to see a Conway-Luallen primary. Something has to give.

Perhaps, taking a note from history, one should remind Mrs. Luallen that, while the choice is hers alone, Mitch parlayed a state legislative office into the U-S Senate...maybe she could, too.

I'm just sayin'....

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