Monday, March 4, 2013


Absolute insanity; absolute inanity..and no way to run a government as both parties thumbed their noses at us voters and left town, again, allowing the sequester law to take effect.

Let's review a bit.

That law was passed over a year ago, supported by both parties in Congress and the President. It was to buy time for further talks, but in the reporting at the time phrases were used, such as.."no one in their right mind would allow the sequester to go into effect!" Yes, truly..the cuts were so deep, so illogical no sane person would allow this to happen.

Guess what?

All those idiots in Washington did. Worse, they left town for long periods of time, when it might have been possible to head this off. They said they went home to find out what the voters thought..and from all parts of the land, to both parties, came a thundering chorus.."do not allow this law to happen!"

Guess what?

Our elected representatives did, totally ignoring the voters..totally.

The rationale seems to Republicans..."we gave the President a tax hike, which we are philosophically against, now it's his turn to cut spending."  ( True, in small part..a slight hike was passed, but far from the hike on all people making over $250K the president sought.)  By Democrats..."We have the advantage; look what happened the last time the GOP shut the government down. So let's do nothing and we'll come out on top."

Sequester you!

Do you hear the strains of a bad fiddler among the smoke and the theory of representative government is about to come crashing down? And perhaps with it, the recent gains in employment, the housing market, the economy? Not one major economist thinks sequester is a good idea.

Our new Congressman  from Central Kentucky, Republican Andy Barr, a few weeks ago expressed hope a way out would be found and sequester would not happen. Wrong. Perhaps this will be the beginning of wisdom for him. As for the rest of the Congress, both parties, you are making a wonderful argument for term limits.

Sequester you!

I'm just sayin'...

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