Monday, December 30, 2013


I’m not big on year end resolutions. Seldom, if ever, make them.

I do occasionally make some for other people...especially public officials, however.

The Kentucky General Assembly will start meeting next week and I have a few resolutions for them to consider.

One or two are really simple..though at least one will require a constitutional amendment. It’s about time we get rid of that provision requiring the governor to state that he hasn’t taken part in a duel. Every four years I Just cringe. I know the national news media will pick this up and make us look like the simpletons we are. And I have to explain our (out-of-date) history to friends. I’d rather not. Let’s improve our image and get rid of this anachronism.

Also, let’s change the title of County Judge Executive. They aren’t judges; they have no judicial functions...and this causes UNneeded confusion. Why not just “County Executive?” Simple and more accurate.

These shouldn’t take more than a few days to do, and then the legislature can turn its attention to some other simple matters that need its attention..such as tax reform, more support for education, and increased aid for child care…but let’s get duels and non- judicial judges out of the way first.

I'm just sayin'...

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