Monday, December 23, 2013


Was Jesus.

He not only proclaimed that all men are created equal

In a time of obvious disparities in wealth and social status,

But that every member of mankind had an obligation to help those who appeared to be less fortunate.

His message caused tyrants to tremble, until one of them took his life—unleashing the greatest mass movement of all that continues unabated, and unfulfilled until this we struggle to truly understand him and message for us.

He strived to teach us many things..reminding us, in just one example, of the age old message Thou Shalt Not Kill..which continues to perplex the greatest minds of each age...who try to justify killing in war time, or to oppose a great evil...or to justify a State that says killing is wrong, and if you kill, we will then commit a second wrong by killing you.

Jesus reminds us of a God of love and mercy, all powerful and all knowing, but who allows great calamities to happen to his children. Our greatest minds struggle with that one, too.

He “proclaims liberty throughout the land”..not security but liberty.

And He reminds us how difficult it is for a rich man to enter into heaven..a lesson not often stressed by his followers at this time of year, when many lay increasing store on material things..some for themselves, some for gifts.

So as famed Kentuckian Hugh Haynie would remind us…in his finest cartoon which the Courier-Journal will reprint this week…”Have I forgotten anyone?” as the harried man looks over his Christmas list…we know in our hearts the answer is “Yes”.

We too often forget those who are “the least of these---my brothers”—We should give  as we can, because it is commanded of us by the greatest revolutionary of all times.

This is His season, as it is every day and every week of the year.

Lest we forget; lest we forget.

I'm just sayin'...


  1. Uncle Ken? Is this you? Please write me back. And after reading comment, please remove. Thanks. This is Kelly. I wanted to tell you about Dad's condition, and ask about my nieces. KLTaylor. Giving you my husband's email acct to write me at.

    1. I loved every word you wrote, and wish this great country would wake up and eliminate the death penalty. There is nothing in it except to create yet another sin. How I wish we would evolve into the next stage of true humanity. Your writing is supberb.