Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It’s the weather, and I have been watching too much TV.

Except for some great shows on KET. some of what  I see irks me.

Those twin blondes shilling for first one car dealer, and then his competitor. Which should we believe..and “historic” low prices? How can they prove that?

Course one of our “royal” pains as a sponsor has been telling us an UNproveable  claim for years that they “never have been undersold.”

Or the dealer in many things that is suddenly “mad” for savings.  As a customer, do I really want to deal with a “mad” store?

And that ailment ad that tells me “:if you have ____ like I do.” No, it’s “as I do.”

And several of our local TV sports reporters have caught the “double subject” error..as in “Cal, he..” or “UK, they..” One subject is enough..especially when one sports anchor committed this error 5 times in one short story.

Or the new people who tell us “The parole board made their decision..” No, the board is a collective noun so it should be “The board made its decision…”

Ah, well, winter will be over soon….I think.

I'm just sayin'...

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