Sunday, April 13, 2014


Because it claims it’s still losing money.

Surprisingly, during its first year after expansion, and with a new lucrative TV contract, the SEC claims to have lost nearly $3.4 million. That didn’t stop the SEC board from raising the base salary of Commissioner Mike Slive to $1.2 mill—actually a loss when measured against a whopping bonus he got the year before—but still.

These figures come from a recent USA Today Sports report---and what they tell me is..BBN prepare for:  (a) higher ticket prices, everywhere, (b) a premium pay, exclusive SEC sports channel starting this fall, and (c) major legal expenses as the SEC battles college players who want to be paid something for their efforts.

These just may, I say may, be worth real protests on State Street (no burning couches tho!)

It certainly is worth a protest by the UK student government, and the LFUCG council, now renegotiating new cable contract with Time Warner (or Comcast which wishes to buy Time Warner.)

BTW, a Consumer Report survey of 18 major cable systems throughout the US found Time Warner just above LAST Place in consumer service, and Comcast just above TWC.  Some record.  And for this we should pay more?

Well, we’re going too..unless students, Bubba and Mrs Bubba, Dr. Eli, the UK Board of Trustees, Coach Cal, the BBN, and our city council truly have UK fans at heart and object..strenuously object and soon…over plans to raise ticket prices and cable fees…both of which are just around the corner…say as soon as  the next “Play Ball!

I'm just sayin'...

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