Sunday, April 27, 2014


Senator McConnell got caught this week in a political hassle over what he said and what he meant about jobs.  He told the Beattyville newspaper editor it wasn’t his job to bring jobs to Kentucky, not even distressed areas. What he meant, he said later, was that the primary responsibility for that lay with state and local economic development agencies.

OK, they certainly have a role here, maybe, maybe the primary one..but his comments are a far cry from what he said when the Toyota plant the C-J’s Joe Gerth pointed out in his Sunday column.

Usually senators fall over themselves trying to get jobs for their areas, especially defense jobs---whether needed or not. You and I, as taxpayers, have wasted millions on UNneeded planes and vehicles, so Senator Phogbound could claim credit.

Bringing jobs to an area, when legit, is an old political activity, and often the very best of politics. Why McConnell and his party in the House can’t see this is beyond me. The American infrastructure..roads, bridges, water and sewer lines, have crumbled alarmingly over the past 2 decades as we UNwisely spent Billions on those same items in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is your job Senator to keep U-S highways SAFE, pipes available for CLEAN water, bridges that don’t collapse, and so on..whether in Kentucky or the nation. And it’s good politics, too.

Now, please do your job!

And speaking of jobs..I wish UK’s Julius Randle and James Young well as they apply for jobs in the NBA. Wish they had stuck around another year..and I’m convinced Willie and Alex and Dakari and the Twins made the right job decisions…and in the end will profit by it.

“One and done is NOT a good idea”  Nor is “succeed and proceed."  Otherwise, we should refer to them as “athlete-students” or maybe “$tudent-athlete$.

I'm just sayin'...

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